Frequently Ask Questions:

1) Q- Will this service interrupt or change my current service provider?
A- No, we do not change your current provider.

2) Q- Does this service cancel my contractual agreement with my current provider.
A- No. We do not negotiate or change your current contract. 

3) Q- How far back can we get a refund?
A- In most cases it varies from 3 to 4 years, depending on the statute of limitations in the state where your property is located.

4) Q- Can you get me a refund from my past provider?
A- Yes. If your service period falls within the statute of limitations. 

5) Q- How many bills do you need?
A- Initially we need one current month’s copies for all meters paid on the property. 

6) Q- Why would a refund or credit be due?
A- There are laws that govern what the utility providers can charge you. 

7) Q- How much is the cost or fee?
A- There is no cost for the initial audit. We work strictly on a contingency basis.

8) Q- Will you continue to charge for future savings?
A- We do not participate in any future savings. All future savings are entirely yours.

9)  Q- How much work is involved on my part?
A- Very little work on your part. We will need you to provide us with signed authorization forms enabling us to deal with your providers on your behalf.

10) Q- How long does it take to get a refund?
A- In most cases 2 or 3 months after submitting your request for refund and/or credit. 

11) Q-How often should I have my bills audited?
A- We recommend on a yearly basis. Errors and changes on the billing are common if the utility provider has a change in their billing system, computer upgrades, disconnects, etc…

12) Q- Does someone need to come to our location or can we do this by mail.
A-We handle many of our claims by mail or e-mail. However, if you would like to meet with us in person we can come to your location.

13) Q-Do you only work on electric bills.
A- No, we work on electric, gas, steam, heating oil, etc..

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