Controlling Utility Costs

As the cost of utilities rise, the charges, rates and regulations governing utilities continually change. In many cases it requires the assistance of specialists to insure you pay the lowest possible rates and charges available.

Utility Costs Continue to Rise

Expenditures for utility services continue to increase. Many firms, despite conservation measures, are incurring excessive costs related to their utility services.

Current Business Conditions

During this time of uncertain and changing business conditions, preservation of capital achieved via cost savings becomes increasingly important.

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Companies should not be subjected to overpaying for utility services, however, our experience indicates that in many instances this is a common occurrence. The no risk solution to this problem is to engage our services to review your utility expenditures. Expense Reduction Services will attempt to secure refunds and/or credits on previous utility bills.

Many factors influence your utility costs. Our specialists will perform a historical audit of prior utility expenditures to determine if overcharges were incurred. The audit will include reviewing all costs which apply to your total utility expenses. Although many companies have had prior audits performed, our studies indicate that in many cases the overcharges may reoccur. Periodic review by specialists can insure you are incurring the appropriate charges.

Expense Reduction Services' goal is to improve your firm's profitability by achieving utility cost savings.